Original Xbox Modified w/ MakeMhz HD+ Open Xenium - Console Bundle

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Original Xbox Modified w/ MakeMhz HD+ Open Xenium  - Console Bundle

This is an original Microsoft Xbox console.  It has been upgraded with an HD+ kit by MakeMhz.  It includes an Open Xenium Chip which enables to use of the full HD+ features, as well as opens up many other software upgrades such as the ability to run homebrew, backups, and emulators.  The hard drive has been upgraded to a 2TB SATA drive, which includes a PATA to SATA kit.  We have thoroughly cleaned the console shell in an Ultra Sonic Cleaner and applied UV Protection to the shell to further protect it (also gives it a like-new sheen).


  • Original Microsoft Xbox Console

  • MakeMhz HD+ kit pre-installed (HDMI port on back of console replaces the original AV port)
  • Open Xenium Chip pre-installed
  • 1TB 3.5" SATA Hard Drive w/ PATA2SATA kit installed
  • 1 Old Skool wired controller
  • HDMI Cable (Please Note: may be a different color / type than pictured)
  • Power cord

  • Ultra Sonic Cleaning w/ UV Protectant done to console shell 


Pictures are of the actual system you will receive (returns due to condition may be subject to a restocking fee).  Used Consoles and hardware are covered under warranty for 90 days, new hardware is covered for 1 year (additional support available past warranty - email  


Note: We highly recommend adding the optional MClassic HDMI adapter to improve the quality another level, as it does a nice job on this particular system.  Info about that unit is below, it works well on systems from this era.




XboxHD+ - by MakeMHz


The first and only purely digital video output mod for the original Microsoft Xbox. Now even better!

XboxHD+ now offers advanced upscaling with interpolation, colorspace, and overscan correction options!

Identifying Your Xbox Revision  Other Ways to Identify your Xbox Revision


The first and only purely digital video output mod for the original Microsoft Xbox. Video is captured directly off of the pixel data bus from the GPU, encoded, and sent directly to your HD TV with no added external interpolation or frame-buffering for a crystal clear, no added lag, video output.

 But pixel-perfect video isn't all the XboxHD+ offers. Audio is captured from the Xbox's digital SPDIF audio and output over the HDMI connector, and with the correct receiver allow for 5.1 Dolby Digital audio on select games.

 XboxHD+ has been fully tested on every board variation and revision.



XboxHD+ was designed from the ground up to be the best possible solution for your original Xbox.

  • Pixel perfect digital video. Supports all official Xbox video resolutions. (480i, 480p, 576i, 720p, and 1080i)
  • Video upscaling with interpolation options (linear and weighted bilinear).
  • Per-game settings with direct integration with XBMC and XBMC4Gamers.
  • Crystal clear digital audio with surround-sound and Dolby Digital pass-through.
  • Upgradable firmware via our Xbox application for additional future features, bug fixes, etc!
  • CEC support.
  • Completely reversible! 100% no-cut mod.
  • Optional force 480P. (Force 480i games to run in 480p)
  • Optional auto anamorphic widescreen for widescreen 480P content. By default, 16:9 480P content will be stretched to fullscreen as the game intended. Avoid the hassle of having to adjust your TV's zoom/aspect ratio when switch between widescreen and none-widescreen 480P games.


 Pixel Perfect Digital Video

 Video is captured directly off of the pixel data bus from the GPU, encoded, and sent directly to your HD TV.


Crystal Clear Digital Audio

 Crystal clear digital audio with surround-sound and Dolby Digital pass-through.


Upgradable Firmware

 The XboxHD+ board features an easy to use firmware update feature that can update the board's software directly from the Xbox.


PC gamers are able to upgrade their graphics card, while console gamers have been limited by locked hardware. Not anymore!

The mClassic is here to be the first add-on graphics processor for video game consoles. It is like having a new “graphics card”, without the hassle of modifying your game console.


  • 4K/1440p UP-SCALING: We upscale half a million pixels to 2 million pixels (SD to HD), 2 million to 8 million (HD to 4K Cinema), no compromises on color processing. Result is cleanest, clearest image for both modern, legacy content.
  • ANTI-ALIASING: On TV images shimmer or appear “jaggy” looking like stairs from square pixels trying to create a curve. Our algorithm fixes sharp edges and textures to show images as they should appear. The mClassic solves the problem.
  • DEPTH OF FIELD: Photographers make a “wow factor” to images by shooting shallow depth. The mClassic's algorithm performs this automatically thus refocusing spots and focusing others into a lovely blur creating the best possible picture.
  • IMAGE SHARPENING: Graphics processors focus “sharpness” or “naturalness”. The mClassic creates a perfect balance.
  • NO LAG: The mClassic graphics post-processor analyzes and improves every single pixel for the most beautiful image with no-lag.
  • ENHANCE ALL YOUR GAMES BEYOND HD: mClassic is the world’s first plug-and-play graphics card that boosts your game console’s graphics in real-time to produce sharp and beautiful picture quality. Finely redraws and enhances images pixel-by-pixel for better gaming. The graphics upgrade you never knew you needed.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with Nintendo Switch, Retro Consoles equipped with HDMI adapters (Original Xbox and PlayStation, GameCube, PS2, Wii, DreamCast), PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and many more. Choose from one of three modes: Scaling OFF, Scaling ON or Retro Games.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Insert mClassic into the HDMI port on your game console or dock, and connect the other end to your TV or monitor with an HDMI cable. Our patented graphics post-processor technology dynamically enhances video quality with effectively no lag.
  • UNCOMPROMISING PICTURE QUALITY: 1440p graphics & 4K movie up-scaling for supported monitors. Depth of field processing, contextual sharpening for clean and clear images, and anti-aliasing (CxAA) for removing jaggies and shimmers on a range of modern and legacy video and game content. 4K Image Certified by Technicolor.
  • YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED IT: Crowdfunded on Indiegogo by thousands of backers, the mClassic is a revolutionary product that does an excellent job of filtering out flaws, giving you stunning visual perfection that you never experienced before. Praised by CNET, PCMag, VentureBeat, Digital Foundry, T3, Wulff Den, Nintendrew, and many more!


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