Modified Sega Dreamcast Console - MODE 1TB Bundle

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Modified Sega Dreamcast Console  - MODE 1TB Bundle

This is a modified Sega DreamCast console.  It has been upgraded with a DC Digital HD mod using the Pixel FX DC Digital (HW 2 - latest version).  This console has had it's capacitors completely replaced with brand new ones, both on the mainboard and power supply unit.  It has been upgraded with a MODE Optical Disc Emulator which has been installed using a 3d printed bracket.  A 1 TB SSD Hard drive has been installed.  It also has an upgraded battery holder with a brand new battery, as well as an upgraded controller Fuse modification, which eliminates a common problem that could happen when controllers are plugged in when the console is on.


  • Original DreamCast Console

  • Pixel FX DC Digital HW2 Kit Installed (HDMI)
  • Brand new Capacitors - Mainboard + Power Supply
  • M.O.D.E. Installed (with included Bracket - latest firmware installed) 
  • 1TB SSD Drive
  • 1 RetroFighters Striker DC Controller

  • New Noctua Fan Upgrade
  • Upgraded ReDream Power Supply w/ power brick & cord
  • Audio/Video Cable
  • Mini HDMI cable
  • Brand new System Battery / Holder

  • Controller Fuse Mod
  • Ultra Sonic Cleaning + UV Protection for console shell


*Pictures are of the actual system you will receive.  Used Consoles and hardware are covered under warranty for 90 days.