Legend of Zelda V2.0 Collector's Fun Box

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Legend of Zelda V2.0 Collector's Fun Box

The Legend of Zelda™ Collector's Fun Box Ver 2.0

There are 3 versions and each is overflowing with collectible fun! Each box has over 15 items, including an exclusive collector pin, dog tag, and 3-card pack of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trading cards. Each card is part of a 9-card puzzle. Also included is a foil-stamped Wingcrest sticker, fun packs, and more!

Each Fun Box Contains:

1 Exclusive Collector Pin (3 to collect)
1 Exclusive Dog Tag (3 to collect - #23, #24, and #25)
1 Exclusive 3-card Pack of BotW Trading Cards (3 packs to collect)
1 Foil-stamped Wingcrest Sticker
1 Trading Card Fun Pack (7 items inside)
1 Collector Tag Fun Pack (3 items inside)