Jag2GEN Atari Jaguar to Genesis (Model 2 type) Audio Video Adapter - Ebay

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Jag2GEN Atari Jaguar to Genesis (Model 2 type) Audio Video Adapter - Ebay


This adapter was made to breakout the Atari Jaguar’s many video outputs to a more common and easily found set of cables.

The Genesis model 2 Cables to allow you to play your classic games in better quality especially compared to the standard RF Audio/Video output.

The RF output is very blurry and noisy out from the 90’s that is not a standard supported today.

Take your System to the next level by pairing this with a SCART cable for an even better quality upgrade! 



  • Designed and developed by Humble Bazooka
  • Fits the back of the Jaguar without obstructing the Serial IO Link (DSP Port)
  • Custom 3D printed enclosure with duotone color scheme to make the logo pop
  • All Genesis Model 2 cables, including official and 3rd party cables, will work with this adapter
  • Composite, RGB Scart, HD Retrovision Component cables all tested to work with the adapter
  • Sync (C-Sync) has the proper filtering and attenuation to work with all upscalers
  • Jaguar 9v regulated to 5v output for all proper RGB televisions and upscalers like the OSSC


PLEASE NOTE: Some cables use csync, while others use Composite on Sync, and most filter the RGB signals. If you plan to use a Scart cable with the Jag2GEN, you may need to modify the cable to work properly with the Atari Jaguar as they weren't intended to be used with the Sega Genesis. This isn’t a limitation of the Jag2GEN but rather how your Genesis Scart cable was originally intended to be used.

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