GameBoy Color Berry (Original) - McWill LCD Modified

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GameBoy Color Berry (Original) - McWill LCD Modified

The GameBoy Color is an awesome handheld - but of course, the old displays aren't really up to modern standards anymore.

Now this problem has been fixed!

After the awesome upgrade kits for the GameGear and both Lynx consoles, McWill Has created this great solution for the GameBoy Color.

This console has been upgraded with a brand new McWill LCD, vastly improving the quality of the original display.

You'll no longer have to struggle to find the right lighting and angle just to see what's on the screen!


  • Original Nintendo Game Boy Console -Model CGB-001(USA)
  • McWill LCD (Pre-installed)
  • Brand New Glass Screen Lens (Pre-installed)
  • 90 day Used Product Warranty

*These units use original used parts, condition may vary (see pictures for details - you will receive the actual item pictured)

*No Games come with this system, pictured gameplay for display only