Game Gear LCD Modded System

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Game Gear LCD Modded System

This Game Gear System has been modified with The McWill LCD, massively increasing the picture quality

Also increases the battery life as well

Optional VGA port for external monitor or TV support

New Glass outer screen for better protection against scratches

New Capacitor kit fully installed - All capacitors are replaced on the following:

  • Main PCB
  • Sound PCB
  • Power PCB


The LCD screen mod has seven different modes that can be scrolled through by holding buttons 1, 2 and Start at the same time:


Scaled resolution: The Game Gear's 160x144 resolution, stretched to the 320x240 resolution of the internal LCD screen.

Scaled resolution with scanlines:  This mode ads vertical scanlines, emulating the look of the original screen.

Doubled horizontal resolution, scaled vertical resolution:  This mode doubles the GG's 160 horizontal pixels to 320, so when stretched to the 320 pixels of the LCD screen, the horizontal resolution eds up scaled perfectly, while the vertical resolution is stretched.

Doubled horizontal resolution, scaled vertical resolution with scanlines:  This is the same mode as above, with scanlines added.

Doubled GG resolution (upper and lower parts are cut off):  The Game Gear's resolution is doubled to 320x288, but only 240 of the 288 vertical pixels are displayed.  This allows for no stretching, but with the top and bottom of the image cut off.  In some gamesthis doesn't really make any difference at all. 

Doubled GG resolution with scanlines:  This is the same mode as above, with scanlines added.

Native Resolution:  This final mode displays the native 160x144 resolution, centered in the 320x240 resolution of the screen.



-Please Note: This is a used system and may have minor blemishes.  Actual item may not be exactly as pictured, please email us if you'd like to request pictures for a unit currently in stock.  

-When using with VGA, some slight screen tearing may show up in certain games, especially games with fast scrolling.

-Pictures showing gameplay are taken from an actual unit

-This used item is covered by a 90 day warranty, but we will also offer paid support past the 90 day period, please contact for details.