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Operating System | Release Notes

Operating System

Version Release Date Download
v16 07/04/2017 [DOWNLOAD]
v15 11/12/2016 [DOWNLOAD]
v14 10/28/2016 [DOWNLOAD]
v13 09/27/2015 [DOWNLOAD]
v12 09/20/2015 [DOWNLOAD]
v11.1 09/07/2014 [DOWNLOAD]
v11 07/05/2014 [DOWNLOAD]
v10 07/04/2014 [DOWNLOAD]

Release Notes:


  • White artifacts fix.
  • MMC3 irq improvement.


  • Minor bugfix.


  • Fixed MMC4 (glitches in Fire Emblem).
  • New mappers supported: 31, 137, 138, 139, 141, 147, 168
  • Removed "audio mix vol" option. Now it always in "Hi" state.
  • Removed "Mapper info" menu due the lack of memory space.
  • Minor bugfix.


  • Compatibility with Hi-Def NES HDMI Adapter.


  • Mapper 85 partial support (without expansion audio).
  • New mappers supported: 227, 90, 211, 202, 234, 85, 146, 150, 164, 196, 148
  • Fixed Low G Man mapper (Forced 0xff at open bus)
  • Fixed FME-7 IRQ and allow bank switching for RAM (32 Kbyte)
  • Fixed save state for mapper 21
  • MMC3 improvements


  • fixed mapper 19


  • Fixed save state bug.


  • Seven more mappers with save state support.
  • FDS sound improvement.
  • Option for A/B button functions swap (for menu).
  • File browser remember and  returns to last position after reset, instead of go to root.
  • Minor bugfix.
  • No "SRAM backup" options anymore, cart always backup saves.


  • 512K PRG for mapper 34
  • 512K PRG for mapper 2


  • Improved save state stability
  • Expansion joypad should work for save states, but not tested.
  • New mappers
  • More mappers with save state support
  • Partial MMC5 support. Seems like enough for castlevania.


  • Save states supports. Some games may not work propertly with Save State function, they may hang when trying save or load stateDefault joypad configuration: Down+start - save state, up+start - load state. Hot key configuration can be changed in options. Save state function may not work with clones!


  • sram initialization with zero. Should fix some games
  • MMC1 registers initialization


  • Fixed GameGenie bug.
  • Important improvements for MMC3 mapper.
  • Fixed problems with mapper 32.
  • Improved global compatibility.


  • allow to load short game genie cheats from text file. Short code should be written in XXX-XXX format, long in XXXX-XXXX format
  • MMC3 improvements


  • mmc3 mapper was improved
  • New mappers implemented: 40, 133, 99, 151
  • OS allow to load gg cheats from text file. Cheats should be written in XXXX-XXXX format. Few codes can be listed in column, or separated by comma in the line
  • Apu initialization before than run the game
  • Naming convention is changed. From now name contains only OS version, without mappers version



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