EverDrive-N8 (Flame Red) [NES]

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EverDrive-N8 (Flame Red) [NES]


SD Card Size

This Flame Red version of the EverDrive-N8 [NES] was forged from the flames of Aquamentus. This cartridge comes assembled in a red cartridge shell*, deluxe red label and is held together with silver phillips screws.

 *This shell is not made by the manufacturer (Krikzz).  It is a third-party shell that is CNC-cut by Stone Age Gamer.

Ever dream of having your whole library of NES games in a single cartridge? The EverDrive-N8 for NES allows you to load your game back-ups (commonly known as ROMs) on an SD card, put the SD card into the EverDrive-N8, put the EverDrive-N8 into an NES system and have your list of games at your finger tips. Please read the FLASH CART DISCLAIMER below before purchasing.


  • AO
  • Beerslinger
  • Blow 'em Out
    Blow 'em Out
  • Carpet Shark
    Carpet Shark
  • Family Picross
    Family Picross
  • From Below
    From Below
  • Get 'em Gary
    Get 'em Gary
  • KUBO 3
    KUBO 3
  • Perfect Pair
    Perfect Pair
  • Plummet Challenge Game
    Plummet Challenge Game

  • Officially Licensed From:Second DimensionFistaSJ Games

Basic Edition vs. Deluxe Edition

The Basic Edition comes with just the EverDrive-N8 for NES cartridge with a gray back label in the selected style or configuration covered by a 1-year Warranty. Whereas the Deluxe Edition includes the cartridge with a gold back label, a case, printed manual, a EverDrive-N8 sticker, Stone Age Gamer sticker, and is covered by a 2-year Warranty.


  • NES, Famicom, and Twin Famicom systems are supported.* Works with many NES/FC clones as well.
  • Cart supports NES, Famicom, and FDS ROM images.
  • Automatic disk side swap for FDS.
  • Expansion audio.**
  • Save State functionality.
  • Game Genie cheat code support.
  • Automatically backs-up saves to SD card. There is no need to push reset before shutting down the system.***
  • Mapper support can be extended via software updates. As easy as loading new mappers files on SD card.
  • FAT / FAT16 / FAT32 file system formats are supported.
  • Supports SD (SD & SDHC) cards up to 32GB.
  • Quick loading of game files (approx. 4-8 seconds).
  • Powerful Cyclone II FPGA.
  • 2 x 512Kbyte SRAM for PRG and CHR data.
  • 128Kbyte battery backed memory. It write save data to SD.
  • Max II CPLD to handle FPGA reconfiguration, BIOS and SD interfaces.
  • 1Mbyte flash BIOS.
  • Voltage shift buffers on PPU and CPU bus for matching levels between 5v NES bus and 3.3 EverDrive bus. Far better than simple resistor buffers at reducing noise and power consumption.

*Famicom version of cart requires Famicom to NES adapter to be used with NES. NES version of cart requires NES to Famicom adapter to be used with Famicom.
** Only Famicom can output expansion sound without modification. NES systems require modification to support this feature.
*** FDS is the only exception, user should push the reset button on system to get back to main menu before than shutting down the system, otherwise FDS save data will be lost.

EverDrive-N8 Original vs. EverDrive-N8 Pro:


A) PIRACY – Stone Age Gamer Retroworks, Inc. ("Stone Age Gamer") does not support or condone piracy. Flash carts and similar devices Stone Age Gamer sells and supports are intended to be used only for the following purposes: development, playing games licensed by Stone Age Gamer for use with the product, and/or playing currently owned personally backed-up games and media where it is legal to do so. Stone Age Gamer does not offer support for any other use of this product.

B) PERSONAL BACK-UPS – In many territories it is legal to make back-ups for personal use and/or archival purposes, however it may not be legal in all territories. Please learn the national and local laws regarding this subject before making back-ups for personal use. Please note, in most territories "Personal Back-up" means exactly that; back-ups you made yourself of games you currently own. This often does not include back-ups obtained via other methods (i.e. downloading), even if it is a game you physically own.

C) DAMAGE – Neither Stone Age Gamer or the manufacturer is responsible for any damage of property this product may cause. This is a new product intended to be used on electronic hardware that exceeds two decades in age and Stone Age Gamer can’t guarantee the condition of such hardware. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

D) MODIFICATION & USE – Any unauthorized modification and/or non-intended use of this or any other flash cart product sold by Stone Age Gamer shall void both manufacturer and retailer warranties of that product.

E) CLONE / MODIFIED CONSOLES – Flash carts were developed and intended to be used on un-modified original hardware using original hardware accessories. Stone Age Gamer does not guarantee flash cart operation on clone consoles or modified consoles. Flash carts may operate on some clone consoles or modified consoles. However, due to power consumption changes, random hardware changes and/or firmware updates of those consoles we cannot offer a guarantee of flash cart compatibility. Any returns due to incompatibility with clone consoles or modified consoles will result in no refund of any shipping costs and a 10% restocking fee if no defect is found during testing.

9 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Rodrick Anderson on Sep 26th 2021

    probably the most fun thing I've ever had in my life.

  • 5
    Works great in my Retron 3 and original NESes

    Posted by Mike Marcoux on Sep 13th 2021

    I bought this for my top loader NES and it didn't work in my Retron HD (Not SAG's fault). However, it does work perfectly in my Retron 3 HD. I can just leave my N8, Mega and Super Everdrives in that system and save TV inputs as well as wear and tear on these 30 year old cartridges. The quality of SAG's build on these is awesome.

  • 5
    Everdrive N8

    Posted by christopher on Aug 14th 2021

    One of the greatest carts an NES player could ever have, the only con sometimes is when the SD card sticks out a bit and rubs the nes, it feels like it's going to push back out again, but i can play the entire NES US library and it makes me so happy to relive my childhood just a little bit longer, 5/5 i do recommend for all retro gamers/streamers :)

  • 5
    Save states!

    Posted by Brandon on Jul 23rd 2021

    The N8 is another awesome product from Krikzz and the case made by SAG for this board is flawless. The vibrant color makes you want to play NES with the cover open!
    Steady updates and support from Krikzz are available on their site, don't waste your time with a knockoff.

  • 5
    essential nes product

    Posted by Rick on Jun 30th 2021

    the number one thing you need for your nintendo- works perfectly and stone age gamer usually has it in stock more than the krikzz version on amazon etc

  • 5
    Everdrive N8

    Posted by SLF on Jun 26th 2021

    Great little product right here. Menu is easy to navigate and putting your homebrew and game back-ups on it is a breeze. Loading from the drive is very fast and if you're wanting to play NES games on original hardware this is a fantastic way to do so!

  • 5
    Everdrive N8

    Posted by NESog on Apr 29th 2021

    Perfect! The menu is easy to use, alphabetical, and organized. Original hardware (system & 2 controllers), plus this single cart, that could ... in theory .. hold... *cough*. I have my nes sitting on my coffee table with long rca cables, as its the best setup to hit reset to switch games! Fun.

  • 5
    Everdrive N8

    Posted by NESog on Apr 29th 2021

    Perfect! The menu is easy to use, alphabetical, and organized. Original hardware (system & 2 controllers), plus this single cart, that could ... in theory .. hold... *cough*. I have my nes sitting on my coffee table with long rca cables, as its the best setup to hit reset to switch games! Fun.

  • 5
    Everdrive N8

    Posted by Riablo on Apr 9th 2021

    Arguably the best Everdrive product on the market. It's still receiving firmware updates and will continue to do so for a long time. The N8 is better value for money than the N8 Pro and offers better compatibility with hardware/software. Lastly the N8 is one of the last Everdrive products to still support full sized SD cards which are more durable than micro SD. Go N8 or go home.