Dushlan - NEW Homebrew Game

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Dushlan - NEW Homebrew Game

Seen it before?

No, this isn’t the ground-breaking, classic Tetris. This is better. This is an all new tasty NES purchase…this is Dúshlán*. Dúshlán flips Tetris on its blocky head with new twists on a fundamental classic.

What’s that, you say? You want a new challenge?


We have upside down levels.

Levels with floors rising up, giving the player a sense of impending doom.

Most importantly, Dúshlán means challenge, and that’s something every retro gamer needs more of.

There’s no story here, gamers. Just a cold, hard, blocky bunch of defiance for you to overcome.

  • New shapes beyond the 7 present in Tetris

  • New features such as "save", allowing a player to save a piece for later usage and swap it with the piece currently in play - now you'll have the 4x1 piece just when you need it

New Challenges including:

  • Random block hazards

  • Dynamic, horizontal attacks

  • Random lines being added

  • Bomb level where you must clear a targeted line before the clock runs out

  • Selection of music to enjoy

  • Customizable controller options 

NTSC and PAL gamers worry not! Dushlan works on both region's respective consoles!

*Created by Peter McQuillan, manufactured and distributed by Mega Cat Studios.