CD-i Bluetooth All-In-One Controller Adapter

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CD-i Bluetooth All-In-One Controller Adapter

From the manufacturer: 

We are fans of the Philips CD-i system who aim to keep the platform alive and usable using custom designed hardware. While CD-i systems are widely available there is a shortage of CD-i controllers. This makes it harder to enjoy CD-i titles today.

We had the idea to design a Bluetooth module for the Philips CD-i that acts as a controller on the input port to allow for standard Bluetooth controllers like the Xbox, Switch or PlayStation controllers to be used with CD-i devices.  We built an open source program for the Arduino platform to make this happen. It does require some custom hardware and soldering to work. This is why we designed a module to combine it all for a plug-and-play experience!

The CD-i Bluetooth Module is as simple as plugging in the cable to the box, put your controller into “pairing mode” and you are ready to play!
Just like the CD-i gamepad it supports the D-pad and 3 buttons, but with the additional joysticks to use just like the original remotes!

Works great with Nintendo Wii-motes as well!

We hope to bring a solution to expensive second hand controllers for all CD-i fans who want to play retro games or enjoy the plenty of other interactive CDs! We sell our boards at a small profit margin which we invest back into the community. If you have questions feel free to reach out to us!



  • Cable to connect to CD-i
  • CD-i Bluetooth Board
  • Arduino Nano IoT: programmed and installed
  • 3D Printed Case


Compatible with Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, 8Bitdo, and more!  


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