Brawler64 v1.0 Wired Nintendo 64 Controller - Retro Fighters

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Brawler64 v1.0 Wired Nintendo 64 Controller - Retro Fighters
  • Next generation N64 controller with an ergonomic and comfortable two handle design
  • Comfortable and responsive next gen analog stick
  • Dual repositioned Z triggers on both the left and right side of the controller
  • Ultra fast turbo function, turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you don't
  • Compatible with both Rumble & Memory Packs

18 Reviews

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    Posted by Cory on Feb 12th 2023

    The shape is great, but the controller is flawed.

    The awful trigger layout is it`s first major flaw. F Zero X, for example, plays awfully. Right air-brake is right bumper, but left air-brake is either trigger and it feels super clunky.

    The analog stick`s sensitivity is awful as well. Games requiring precision, like Goldeneye, are unplayable due to the way the cursor instantly whips to the edge of the screen when trying to aim.

    It`s quite comfortable though, and more casual games feel pretty good. I played through all of Rayman 2 with it and had a decent time.

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    A Much-Needed N64 Controller Modernization

    Posted by Zach on Oct 3rd 2022

    The Brawler64 gives the N64 a much-needed modernization. So many N64 games are amazing, but to a modern audience, the original N64 controller can take away a lot of the fun of these games. The Brawler64 offers a modern solution to this. It gives the modern and comfortable feel of a modern joypad while allowing you to enjoy your favorite N64 titles. The wireless functionality makes it even more convenient, as you don't have to be tethered to the console by a wire whenever you play. Overall, the Brawler64 gives a much-needed modernization refresh to the old and clunky N64 controller.

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    Retro Fighter Brawler64 next gen N64 controller

    Posted by Talal Alshatti on Sep 26th 2022

    It’s better than the octopus one (original controller for N64), Reteo Fighter is very comfortable , 3rd party companies have a good idea .

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    Better than the original

    Posted by Kelly on Jun 30th 2022

    The controller is easy use. My only issue was the Z button being too springy

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    Retro Fighters

    Posted by Casey M. on Dec 31st 2021

    Another big win for SAG. I bought one of these a few weeks ago from amazon. Its a good controller they need to work on the analog stick a bit it seems off. But when I saw SAG sold these controllers I decided to support a small business and buy one more. They are now my go to for any console hardware.

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    Wonderful controller... But...

    Posted by Mark on Nov 30th 2021

    Turns out many (not all of them looks like) of these have issues reading sav paks, but the rumble paks work fine. This is such a wonderful controller over the original anyday of the week, but these sav pak errors due to a design flaw are killin me. Hopefully the manufacturer fixes this issue so we can save our games on this wonderful controller. So play the lottery and hope you get a good one.

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    Best 3rd party 64 pad I've used.

    Posted by Kevin W. on Nov 15th 2021

    I've tried a lot of them over the years and most of them have issues. Not so with this one. The redesign is great, the buttons and stick feel nearly perfect, D-Pad is a little mushy, but that's the only complaint I have, and it's not like it gets used much on 64.

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    BRAWLER 64, N64 gaming in 21st century!

    Posted by Raul Gonzalez on Sep 12th 2021

    Not only I can give some rest to my original controllers, but also getting some needed modern ergonomics to the Nintendo 64. Feels so good!

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    Great purchase.

    Posted by Eugene S on May 18th 2021

    This controller feels very natural because it replicates the style of today’s controllers. The inputs of the games Ive played so far is great. I will be buy the wireless version in the future to support this wonderful company.